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The Road to Becoming an Architect Begins Here! Follow GBRI’s roadmap to excel in the NATA exam! Continue on the road with GBRI, to REALIZE your dream to become future Architects of India.

GBRI, an US based education provider who has trained over 15,000 architectural and engineering professionals around the world, has joined hands with Indian Architecture experts to bring study materials and exam prep classes for successfully completing the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) for students across India. Register now and let us help you secure admission in TOP Architecture Colleges in India. 

  • Exam Orientation & Test Tips: learn the basics of the exam and tips to pass with flying colors
  • 30+ Hours of Education:  to ensure you are prepared for the actual exam
  • Practice Questions : 2000 sample exam questions
  • Online on-demand access: to exam education sessions
  • Instant access so that you can begin your studies right away
  • Sketching Classes from led by an artist
  • Competitive pricing