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Below are 2 ways you can earn LEED v4 Project Experience and familiarize yourself with the new rating system!





GBRI’s All-Inclusive LEED Project Implementation Plus program gives you everything for 2 years that you need to be knowledgeable and project-ready with the new LEED v4. This program not only includes a 4-week online course series walking you through credit requirements, reference standards, implementation strategies and documentation guidelines, but also includes 15 CE Hours of LEED v4 Content to ensure you are completely familiar with the key points of the new LEED rating system. Read More







Armed with easy to use tools, sample v4 forms and examples, this 4-week online course series is a must-have for Architects, Engineers and Project Managers. GBRI’s LEED Project Implementation program is ideal for LEED professionals looking for practical experience working on an actual LEED v4 project. Read More