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PI+GBRI’s All-Inclusive LEED Project Implementation Plus program gives you everything for 2 years that you need to be knowledgeable and project-ready with the new LEED v4. This program not only includes a 4-week online course series walking you through credit requirements, reference standards, implementation strategies and documentation guidelines, but also includes 15 CE Hours of LEED v4 Content to ensure you are completely familiar with the key points of the new LEED rating system.  The CE hours will include various examples and case studies with the new LEED v4. This extensive program, developed by GBRI’s industry experts, takes a close look at the LEED v4 credits that have undergone the most drastic changes from the previous LEED. In addition to hands-on experience, you will also earn 30 GBCI/AIA CE Hours including LEED Specific BD+C, ID+C, and O+M CE Hours.    

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PI: Wednesdays from 7-10 pm EST (January 6-27)

Weekly Meeting Agenda

  • Week 1: LEED Process – We will walk through the key foundational concepts that LEED APs need to grasp in order to maximize the success of a project including the rating system selection, Minimum Program Requirements, Integrative process, and more, as well as credit analysis of the LT category. Student exercise – Research and Feasibility of a credit
  • Week 2: Credit by credit analysis – SS & WE. Student exercise – Water Budget Calculation
  • Week 3: Credit by credit analysis – EA. Student exercise – Research and Post Green Ideas through GBRI’s interactive forum- Green Box
  • Week 4: Credit by credit analysis – MR & IEQ. Student exercise – Research green building materials and products as applicable for the project

On Demand Courses Included with Purchase

Lighten-Up: Energy Efficient Lighting through the Eyes of LEED v4

New Visions of BIM

Down the Runway Energy Modeling

HVAC Factor

Sites Done Right through the Eyes of LEED v4

Super Charged: ENERGY STAR through the Eyes of LEED v4

Waves of Change: Outdoor Water Efficiency

Bigger & Better: The New LEED v4

*Courses provided by education affiliate GBRI.